How do I to Update to the Latest Software?

New FAQ added to KDE neon FAQ.

KDE neon does continuous deployment of the latest KDE software which means there are nearly always new versions of our software to update to. We recommend using Plasma Discover’s updater which appears in your panel:

If you prefer to use the command line you can use the pkcon command:

  • pkcon refresh
  • pkcon update

This will install all new packages and uses the same PackageKit code as Plasma Discover. Some uses of apt do not install new packages which makes it less suitable for KDE neon.

Wayland Option Now in Neon Dev Unstable ISO by Default

Back in the day I started making a Plasma Wayland ISO to help people try out Plasma on Wayland.  Then we started Neon and the obvious way to create the ISOs became through the Neon infrastructure.  With Wayland becoming closer to be ready to use every day I’ve decided it’s time to scrap the dedicated Wayland ISOs and just install the Wayland session by default on the Dev Unstable ISOs. It’s not yet the default so to give it a try you need to log out, select Wayland session and log in again.  Or install the ISO and select it at login (you’ll need to switch back to X to install, Calamares doesn’t run in Wayland because it wants to run as root which is verboten).

Wayland is pretty much ready to use but the reason we can’t switch to it by default is mostly that some obscure graphics cards may not work with it and it’s hard to implement a detection and fallback for this.  The fonts may be a different size due to differences in the screen dots-per-inch detection and middle mouse button selection paste doesn’t yet work.

Grab the KDE neon Dev Unstable ISO now to try it out.


Qt 5.9 Packages now in Testing for KDE neon Developer Unstable Edition

We held off on Qt 5.8 because of problems with the Wayland support between it and KWin.  Qt 5.9 seems a little more promising but we don’t want to change something so fundamental to KDE’s software without checking for issues so it’s still in the hidden testing repo for now. Try it out on KDE neon Developer Unstable edition to see what breaks.

deb xenial main

If you’re brave check it out for problems. (The packages even seen to work on the other editions of KDE neon but you are on your own there because it upgrades KWin and other parts to non-stable builds.)

Please do test out a Wayland session with it too (log out and select from bottom left of screen).  And review the Plasma Wayland bugs list.

Let us know how you get on using this blog, or neon mailing list or or as appropriate.