How do I to Update to the Latest Software?

New FAQ added to KDE neon FAQ.

KDE neon does continuous deployment of the latest KDE software which means there are nearly always new versions of our software to update to. We recommend using Plasma Discover’s updater which appears in your panel:

If you prefer to use the command line you can use the pkcon command:

  • pkcon refresh
  • pkcon update

This will install all new packages and uses the same PackageKit code as Plasma Discover. Some uses of apt do not install new packages which makes it less suitable for KDE neon.


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  1. Scott K says: Reply

    The statement about apt is not correct. I is true for apt-get, but not the more modern apt.

    1. Jonathan Riddell says: Reply

      Well for apt it’ll install new packages but it won’t remove any existing packages if that’s the best thing to do unless you do a full-upgrade which is a frequent source of confusion we see.

  2. ferchoj says: Reply

    When I run pkcon refresh the command ask me You want to allow the installation of software that is not identified? over a over and never ends…

  3. Pascal d'Hermilly says: Reply

    I’ve never understood why I have to provide my password to run security updates on which I have no influence on.

  4. anonymous says: Reply

    Sorry for offtop but you’ve missed favicon for your blog.

    1. Jonathan Riddell says: Reply


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  6. danniel says: Reply

    Firstly, I like Neon and am a long term fan of KDE. But (why is there always a but?) Discover is a really nasty piece of software. It’s able to locate an available package (for me) maybe 3 times in 10. It operates very slowly, the “dancing bars” provide poor and confusing feedback on progress. To top it off it often (50%?) hangs on completion of install/update. This is on Neon, Kubuntu and debian (testing and stable). Aptitude and dselect are far more reliable and sensible (even if in ui terms they’re old fashioned – fashion the enemy of good and stable).

  7. dirk says: Reply

    If I read you correctly it should not matter if you use apt full-upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade, pkcon upgrade, or Discover to update. Let’s give pkcon a try:

    a) the output of pkcon is somewhat messed up
    b) `The daemon crashed mid-transaction!` Hard to tell when, because of a) but it looks like during `Committing changes`.

    What happens if apt fails? Usually you get an dpkg error message and from my experience those can usually be traced back to the underlying problem. Conclusion: I am not convinced to switch to pkcon anytime soon.

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