Time to Test Plasma 5.13 Beta

The forthcoming new release of Plasma 5.13 will have some lovely new features such as rewritten System Settings pages and Plasma Browser Integration.  But we need testers.

Incase you missed it the Plasma 5.13 release announce has a rundown of the main features.  If you are an auditory learner you can listen to the Late Night Linux Extra podcast where Jonathan “great communicator” Riddell talks about the recent sprint and the release.

You can test it out with the KDE neon Developer Edition Git-Stable ISO which you can download now.  Git-stable includes beta builds of KDE’s software.  Or you can try the latest KDE neon Docker image which runs the desktop inside Xephyr with a simple command of neondocker -e dev-stable.

What have the public been saying about Plasma 5.13 beta? Let’s pick some random comments from Reddit:

br_shadow – Plasma is by far the best linux DE

Thanks br_shadow!

aturfer 26 points  – I’m going to make another financial donation to the KDE project.

Good idea aturfer!


> KDE Plasma

> lightweight

What a time to be alive

Oh yes it is mleko69!

masteryod 17 points 

Holy shit that changelog is amazing!

We try to please mastyod!

tnsittpsif190 points I am so pleased with KDE and the development team. I love the workflow it offers. It is both, beautiful and professional at the same time.

We succeed in pleasing tnsittpsif!

So give it a try, report problems, 2.5 weeks until final is out.

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  1. Mateus Honorato says:

    will we have Plasma 5.13 on the 16.04 base?

  2. Martin says:

    Ona side note – any ETA on a build of Neon on Ubuntu 18.04?

  3. Xu David says:

    Based on Bionic?

  4. Florian Greinus says:

    I just downloaded Git-Stable, but 5.12 is installed by default. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Øystein says:

      Plasma 5.13 Beta is called 5.12.90.

      1. Florian Greinus says:

        Thanks for the clarification!

    2. Omar says:

      Nothing wrong, it is called 5.12.90 Beta. Check the screenshot

  5. Omar says:

    If I start testing, where should I report bugs that I find

    1. Øystein says:

      KDE uses https://bugs.kde.org/ to track bugs. Before you submit a bug report please read this wiki: https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/Bug_Reporting
      Filing good bug reports make it easier for developers to fix the issues.

  6. Earl says:

    That developer edition git-stable iso technically doesn’t have 5.13 but I guess 5.12.90 is close enough… but hey, looks and works as expected!
    Noted that in fonts the word “Adjust all” was spelt as “djust all”; capital A was invisible
    Couldn’t use plasma vaults… complained of some older fuse version (_9.9?)

    [Also, would be helpful to have the fix release of libinput; the current version (at least with 18.04) has problems with some touchpad keyboard combos; this is NOT the case currently with the 16.04 version]

  7. joe says:

    kde neon is awesome

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