KDE neon Rebased on Jammy

KDE neon builds packages of KDE software using latest Ubuntu LTS as a base. Every couple of years there’s a new Ubuntu LTS and so we build all our package and infrastructure onto that. We’ve just finished the move onto … Read More

Plasma 5.26 Beta Testing

Plasma 5.26 Beta was released yesterday https://kde.org/announcements/plasma/5/5.25.90/ And now we need your help testing it. Download KDE neon Testing edition and install it on a machine (do backups etc or use a spare computer if you can). https://neon.kde.org/download Please help … Read More

KDE neon: Jammy Porting Update

Jammy porting is happening at full pace. Almost all the packages are now compiled and that leaves ISOs to be built and upgrade to be tested. As with any software or engineering project there’s not much point in putting a … Read More

Stuck Updates Fix

When rolling out a new feature that lets you skip (offline) updates on boot-up earlier this week we have messed up and also brought in a nasty bug that prevents updates from applying. Unfortunately we can’t automatically rectify this problem … Read More