Great Web Browsing Coming Back to KDE with Falkon, New Packaging Formats Coming to KDE with Snap

Today is a good day filled with possibility and potential.  The browser formerly known as QupZilla has gained a better name Falkon and a better home, KDE.  This bring quality web browsing back to native KDE software for the first time in some years.  It’s a pleasingly slick experience using QtWebEngine and integrating with all the parts of Plasma you’d expect.

At the same time we at KDE neon are moving to new packaging format Snaps, a container format which can be used on many Linux distros.  Falkon is now built by KDE neon CI and is in the edge channel of the Snap archive.

You’ll need to install the KDE Frameworks snap first if you haven’t already, this comes pre-installed on recent builds of KDE neon.  Then install Falkon from edge.

snap install kde-frameworks-5
snap install --edge falkon

Remember this works on any distro with Snap support, which is most of them.

Let us know how you get on.