Moving to Bionic

KDE neon is a project to do continuous integration and deployment of KDE software for easy and quick use by the world.  We have three ways of doing that the main one being the archive of .deb packages based on the latest Ubuntu LTS (the other two are Docker images and Snap packages).

With the new Ubuntu LTS 18.04 out it’s time to rebase Neon’s packages on that.  This is still work in progress but demand seems to be strong looking at comments around the forums, chat rooms and social media, so we’re aware many people are waiting for this.  We have compiled all the essential packages of Git Unstable edition on Bionic and today I’m working on the installer.  Now we need to finish off compiling all the packages for the four editions of KDE neon and make sure the upgrade is working.  In the mean time of course we’ll keep updating the packages based on 16.04 LTS so you can keep getting the latest and greatest from KDE.