Help Test KDE Plasma 5.15 Beta

KDE’s flagship project Plasma has a new beta out. There’s now three weeks to sort out the bugs to make the release a work of perfection.  We need your help.

Plasma has a new testing release out with a final release due in three weeks. We need your help in testing it and reporting problems.

KDE neon Developer Git-Stable Edition now has Plasma 5.15 beta and can be used for testing.

You can either download an ISO and install it or run it on a virtual machine.

Or you can run the Docker image which should work on any Linux distro.

Please have a look over the new features and give them a try

You can report success or failure on the forum thread for Plasma 5.15 beta here or directly on the bug tracker at

Plasma 5.15 Beta in Virtualbox

Plasma 5.15 beta in Docker