The Neon Powered Gears are Working on Plasma 6

It’s high tension in Neon towers this week as the distro packagers have been given access to the source tars for Plasma 6 along with Frameworks 6 and KDE Gear 24.02. This means our cloud of build servers have been powered up to compile them into .deb packages which go into our Apt archive. In principle we already have the packaging working in Unstable and Testing edition so it should be a case of just doing a fresh build in User edition but it involves several hundred source builds all done for the three editions and for libraries and plugins (such as KIO Workers) many of them twice over, once for Qt 6 and once for Qt 5 builds. So lots of bits which need aligned. Frameworks completed yesterday morning and this morning it looks like all of Plasma is built. The KDE Gear apps are churning away now. We’ll then need to tests it all including many configurations of upgrade to make sure it doesn’t break your laptops. The releases are due on Wednesday and with any luck we will have Neon builds available very shortly after, but of course we’ll wait until it’s ready if that’s what we have to do. It’ll be just a normal upgrade available to Discover but of course with a large number of packages to download. Who’s excited?